• Coffinworm - When All Became None (Reissue) LP


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    Random Colored Vinyl version now available. While we technically made 100 of these, you will be purchasing a one of a kind color variation!

    Indianapolis, Indiana's Coffinworm made an impact in 2009 with their Great Bringer of Night demo (recorded by THE GATES OF SLUMBER drummer Bob Fouts), hailed by a number of publications as one of the best metal demos of the year. The band's vicious and unforgiving combination of sludge, doom, death, and black metal possesses a depraved aura of terror. 

    When All Became None, Coffinworm's proper debut full-length, will undoubtedly go down as one of the darkest and most powerful sludge metal albums ever released. Through thick walls of reverb and feedback, the band unleashes massive, monolithic riffs heavy enough to shift the fault lines of the earth. Vocalist Dave Britts's throat-searing vo-kill assault carries the weight of a diabolical storm. Captured by Sanford Parker, this sonic nightmare of unholy proportions delivers to the utmost devastating and blasphemous degree. The downfall and destruction of humanity is at hand, and When All Became None shall serve as its soundtrack.

    After almost 3 years of extinction this release brings the epic debut by Coffinworm back into existence.

    This Single LP Jacket version now also features a 18x24 “Start Saving For Your Funeral” Poster.

  • Coffinworm - When All Became None (Reissue) LP
  • Coffinworm - When All Became None (Reissue) LP
  • Coffinworm - When All Became None (Reissue) LP

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