• Author & Punisher - Women & Children LP


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    This vinyl edition is beautifully packaged and printed on reverse board with a heavy duty inner sleeve with an MP3 download code also included.

    Now available as a color in a color configuration mirroring the Author & Punisher crest colors of yellow and black! (Ltd to 100 Copies and exclusive to mailorder) 

    Black Vinyl is also still available. 

    Propagated by iconic sound manipulator/engineer/former robotics major Tristan Shone, AUTHOR & PUNISHER relentlessly challenges the traditional principals of doom, industrial and heavy bass music. Shone paints traumatic portraits of sonic contortion through mechanical use, abuse and maniacal decomposition. 

    Author & Punisher's newest sonic endeavor combines elements of both his machines and more traditional apparati to stretch and blur the dynamic palette from doom to industrial, to heavy bass music, and back again.

    Describes Shone:‘Women & Children’ is a sullen voyage from the beginning to the end of time, from primordial bliss to devastating chaos."

    “Once again the envelope has been pushed, the box stepped outside of and the tenants of doom and industrial have been refracted through the prism of the mind of a true innovator and they sound all the better for it. There are so few unique and wonderful things left in music, but AUTHOR & PUNISHER truly is one of them.” –The Sleeping Shaman

    “Shone’s apocalyptic noise blends elements of industrial, doom, and dubstep, and contorts that mass into some chilling, unrecognizable form…” – Stereogum

     “Bloated, muddled beats hang in the air like zeppelins until Shone’s steel-toed boot of a chorus comes crashing down. The structure is something like Nine Inch Nails’ strongest songs: the build, the climax, then the chaos. The last minute of ‘Melee’ sounds like a death march led by a million-strong war cry. The machines have taken over. You have 20 seconds to comply.” – NPR on the track ““Melee.”

  • Author & Punisher - Women & Children LP
  • Author & Punisher - Women & Children LP

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