• BATILLUS - Furnace LP (Blue Vinyl)


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    Big on atmosphere, big on time and big on tone, the first album from Brooklyn doomers Batillus is a bleak, oppressive six-song outing that’s bound to ring their name out among the underground converted. Doom heads, be aware. The band, which formed as an instrumental trio and later added be-dreadlocked vocalist Fade Kainer (Inswarm, Jarboe), have unleashed a monster in Furnace, their Seventh Rule  debut. - The Obelisk

    vailable in a Blue Vinyl / White Label 160G pressing that is limited to 94 copies. 

    These were recently believed to be put of print until we found a small box in our warehouse.

    We recommend picking this up before it also disappears. 
  • BATILLUS - Furnace LP (Blue Vinyl)
  • BATILLUS - Furnace LP (Blue Vinyl)

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