• Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter CD


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    The Captain’s Daughter, the debut album from Portland atmospheric sound exhibitionists EIGHT BELLS.

    Utilizing the negative space of sound in a way that many other bands would do well to pay heed to, EIGHT BELLS has created a masterwork with The Captain’s Daughter – easily placing themselves in a realm of music that will rarely be matched this year.” Metal Psalter calls the record, “a journey into the far reaches of one’s mind through sound that acts as its own wordsmith,” Sentire Magazine notes, “The Captains Daughter is a black metal and drone tinged journey through psychedelic doom. Featuring four tracks over about 30 minutes, each song takes it time exploring various themes,” while Unhallowed Nation gushes, “EIGHT BELLS debut album is one the most interesting, well-performed records I have heard in a while.”


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