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    t's 2011 and HARPOON still refuse to sell out and get some fallable human to compliment their trusty drum machine. Their personnel is minimal...The riffs are maximum.

    The guitar performance within HARPOON is delivered with a fluidity not often heard from bands associated with the terms "grind" or "powerviolence".  Make no mistake - there's nothing 'soft' about this pile driving onslaught - you can simply sense the ease of execution in Dean Costello's playing.  He isn't new to this. In addition to Costello, HARPOON singer Toney Vast-Binder has been reunited with bass player D.J. Barraca (Lair of the Minotaur).  There's enough metal pedigree here to pique the interest of even the most skeptical metal maven (7000 Dying Rats, Lair Of The Minotaur, Gun Kata, and on and on). "Deception Among Birds" veers slightly from the premise of the first full-length ("Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide" released on Interloper) in that it takes some time to stop and smell the corpses.  There are exercises in dronery that re-oxygenate the listener just enough to spear them with another sharpened assault from the part-man, part-machine, all-shredding HARPOON.

    They're a little bit of everything yet wholly nothing. They're just really, really, really good."  - Metalsucks.net

    "Deception Among Birds shows these three bringing elements of all sorts of metal, noise and progressive rock, and brilliantly composed melodic sections to create something that is both "heady" and intriguing as it is an enjoyable and fun listen."- The Inarguable

    "Any way you slice it, Harpoon have progressed big time here on Deception Among Birds, proving simultaneously that Double Gnarly was no joke, and that they are indeed here to stay, cooking up big ideas for their own brand of extreme, underground indie metal." - Metal Army America


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